PriMedicus Development, LLC

PriMedicus Development has over 25 years of life sciences business development experience. Our associates have successfully led medical start-up companies from pre-seed concept to institutional financing, and have held senior leadership positions in Fortune 100 companies. This unmatched breadth of experience and knowledge allows us to have insight into the needs of the small entrepreneur and the private equity investor, as well as those of a large corporation.

PriMedicus has delivered a breadth of successful services to small and large companies, including:

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Business Planning & Commercialization

PriMedicus offers strategic planning and commercial opportunity assessment to help customers to capitalize on their intellectual property.  » Learn More

Technology Assessment

PriMedicus works with you to review your technology and provide an assessment of the clinical, technical and commercial risks along with specific plans to reduce that uncertainty.  » Learn More

Patent Portfolio Management

PriMedicus Development provides Patent Portfolio Services designed to broaden and strengthen your intellectual property position in the marketplace.  » Learn More


PriMedicus has 10 years of C-level management in seed stage and start-up enivironments.  » Learn More